About BPSA

In the face of blockchain industry development trend, we propose to set up a Blockchain Patent Sharing Alliance, which is based on the blockchain industry standard. Working closely with global blockchain enterprises, institutions, scientific research units and blockchain related patent entities, we build a blockchain patent pool to achieve the goal of blockchain related technology patents team up and sharing.

While greatly reducing the patented patent cost, we pursue a global blockchain of sectors in the field of patent discourse rights in the global scope of the rational layout of the blockchain , the core of the relevant core patents, the construction of the blockchain area related technology patent defence system.


Bring together elites from industries across United States to achieve excellent leadership.
Top talents are key to realize advanced intellectual products.

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Why joining BPSA?

To Patent Users

For Patent Users, BPSA provides efficient and low cost solutions of patent licensing for blockchain patent users, enabling patent users who require multiple patents only need to reach one patent licensing agreement with BPSA, thus saving the time and manpower cost of the patent users.

  • 1
    reduce costs
  • 2
    Prospects for value-add
  • 3
    prospects of sharing

For SMEs, BPSA is a great protection for corporate patents, it helps clients away from litigation and keep focusing on corporation strategies and operation. This will make great value under secure and lawful framework.

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    Perfect barrier
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    The founder of exclusive
To Developers

For Geeks and open source community, BPSA makes patents more valuable by liquidating them to get more attention and more potential investment. Patents owners would become the biggest winner.

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    property of value
  • 2
    capital turnover
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  • 4

Future of BPSA