Blockchain Patent Sharing Alliance(BPSA)

  • 1. BPSA is the first blockchain patent sharing alliance in the world, aiming to
        build a global distributed, multi-centered, blockchain-related,
        comprehensive patent service platform.
  • 2. Build a friendly and equal sharing mechanism for patent owners and
        potential users based on the mutual benefit rule.
  • 3. Motivate high-value patented technologies to circulate around the world
        cheaply and efficiently.
  • 4. Protect the innovation achievements of the start-up team and small and
        medium-sized enterprises, and promote the popularization and
        application of blockchain technology in various industries.

The Purpose of BPSA

  • Establish a blockchain patent sharing pool, to realize the sharing of patents, to support open sources and innovation, and to form the protection and defense system for blockchain patents.
  • Provide financial support and professional services to help enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes, and open source communities to develop patents in the field of blockchain, and to build patent assets.
  • Develop multi-asset intellectual property rights licensing and trading system, to facilitate the smooth circulation of patent intellectual property, and to provide a legal, safe and efficient way to achieve the maximum benefit for all participants.

Business model:Proof of Patent

1. For patent owners that have not joined in BPSA, they can put the right of usage of their
    patents into the patent pool through the way of contract, and thereby earn profits;

2. For patent owners that have joined in BPSA, the right of usage of their patents will bring
    them sustainable profits through the patent pool;

3. For enterprises, institutions and organizations, they can convert their holding BPC into
    BPR according to the corresponding proportion freely through the trading platform or
    by peer-to-peer (P2P) cross-chain transactions;

4. Patent demanders can be free to use all patents in the patent pool when they have one
    or more BPR tokens (Blockchain Patent Right);

5. Patent demanders can also obtain the right to use the patent in need within the patent
     pool through the paid purchase model.